Refund policy -

Hey guys, this course is not for people who want to 'check it out' then decide if it's right for them. We have plenty free videos going over what it takes and what's involved.

We were advised to do it this way to prevent people from 'stealing' the course – illegally downloading it and then asking for their money back. That's not ok.

It's also not ok just to say, 'I've decided this business model is not for me'. Again, we have lots of free videos explaining over the process.

If you follow what we say in the course, your product will sell. Some will sell faster than others, but they will sell, and most products at least make the investment back, even if it's a slow seller.

You can get a full refund AFTER 90 days (but before 9 months) if:

  • You show us that you did the product research
  • You ordered samples
  • You show that you followed the method and your product is selling slow and losing money

Basically, if what we say doesn't work after put into action, and is not profitable, you can ask for a refund.

But, between month 3 month 9 ONLY. This is to help people take action fast. It's plenty time to launch your product and test some different variables.

Again, this is to prevent people from 'stealing' the course, and to provide a timeline to help people take action now instead of putting it off.