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You Guys Asked for it. Here it is. Our Full Video Course on How We Make Money While Traveling.

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Step-by-step, how we found our product, and did over $200,000 in sales our first year selling on Amazon FBA. And continue to sell strong 2.5 years in the game.

This course includes:

  • Introduction to The Amazon Method
  • How to pick a winning product
  • How to source from Alibaba
  • How to create your own brand
  • How to sell your product via Amazon FBA
  • How to get reviews quickly
  • How to outsell the competition
  • And everything in between!


  • Building your brand image
  • Following up with customers to get reviews
  • How to never run out of stock
  • How to get outside investment money for more inventory
  • And more!


  • with me and fellow member

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Membership includes a spot in our monthly mastermind call, with me and fellow members.

Bring your questions, tips, wins, struggles, stories and anything you want to discuss.


"Our 3 Secrets to Picking a Product That Crushes"

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Our 'Amazon 101' video: How does the 'Amazon Method' work?

Our Video Course: a Comprehensive Breakdown of all the Keys to Success🔑

What's Inside?

Inside, we've recorded over 20 screen-recording video lectures going over each step in our process. Each lecture is accompanied with Lecture Notes, Links, and Resources.

From scouring Amazon.com to make a list potential product opportunities, narrowing down that list and coming up with ideas on how to make your new product stand out from the competition, then scouring Alibaba to find samples of that product, ordering samples form China to your home, eventually placing a test order of 200 units and delivering it direct to the Amazon FBA Warehouses. And of course how to optimize your product page once it's received by Amazon.

We cover everything we did, and still do. I know it's an information jungle out there, so we try to explain everything simply and give it to you STRAIGHT NO CHASER. This process doesn't need to be overthought (well, other than product selection... that takes a great deal of search volume and keyword research). But once you have your product, it's relatively straightforward to get selling right away. So we try to leave out everything that isn't important so you can be saved from Paralysis by Analysis.

See the full course Curriculum below!

Class Curriculum

  Getting Started
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  Module 8: Creating A Salable Company
Available in days
days after you enroll
Available in days
days after you enroll

Your Instructor

Riley Bennett
Riley Bennett

Yo guys. It's Riley here, your favorite Digital Nomad 😝. I'll be your personal instructor and guide for this course, along with my friend and partner in crime, Parker. We've been living in Southeast Asia on the cheap for 2 years while building our Amazon business one product at a time. Let's do this.

Already commented on Chris's channel, but just wanna say this again. You guys are absolute legends and the reason I'm working hard to change my life, so thank you! Look forward to meeting you both out in Vietnam!

- Scott Steverson , Member

- David Ryan, Member

Our Amazon Story

Yo guys.

If you don't already know me thru my YouTube channel (youtube.com/livinthatlife), my name is Riley, and I'm a 'second-year digital nomad. I quit my job 2 years ago and moved to Chiang Mai, Thailand (the digital nomad capital of the world) with my best friend and business partner Parker, with a mission to replace our 9-5 jobs with an online-based income, and continue our dream of traveling the world.

After the first few months in Chiang Mai, we noticed that the 'Amazon Method' was the most common thing that digital nomads were SUCCESSFULLY doing out here to make money - e.g. ACTUALLY making money online.

So we began researching for our first product in January 2015, placed a test order by March, and launched with our first 1000-unit order in July 2015.

In our first year of sales, our product did over $200,000 in sales revenue, selling at $39.99 on Amazon. That's over 5,000 units sold in our first year. An average of 16 units sold per day! Not bad. That's definitely a successful product. And we recently launched another new product, copying all the keys to success of our first one.

"Pay acute attention to what is already working, and adapt it." - Tim Ferriss, The 4-Hour Workweek

This is course is my way of showing my friends and anyone interested, EXACTLY what we did to launch a successful product on Amazon and FINALLY start making passive income online. As well as help you guys avoid all the mistakes we made along the way.

So if you are ready to take action, this course is for you.

See you on the inside.


- Riley G. Bennett

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Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
Once you purchase it, you get access for life. It's a totally self-paced course, so you decide how quickly you go through it. However we suggest that you spend 4 weeks on your product research and order samples within 6 weeks.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
If you follow our method, your product will sell and you will make money. See our refund policy by clicking the link in the footer or visiting http://theamazonmethod.teachable.com/blog/239677/refund-policy
So you did over 200k in sales your first year? How much of that was profit?
About 25% of it was profit, after the cost of the product and Amazon fees.
Riley, I love your videos and I truly appreciate that you are posting them, but why do you do it? Wouldn't you want to have less competition?
I've been asked this a few times:) The reality is, there are tens of thousands of product niches, so everyone selling on Amazon is not competing. There's room for all of us .. (there's actually very few of us ecommerce ppl in the grand scheme of things anyway;) ..
How long to set it all up?
Give yourself around 4 - 6 months from start of research to launch. We researched our first product opportunity for 1 month, launched 3 months later. Second product launched in 4 months from idea to launch.

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